"When Bitcoin hits that million your coffee will have been $10,350." "That pizza gonna be $46 million dollar pizza in the future" "Just hodl bitcoin. Don't buy something with it" Please, don't say that. That's terrible mindset. It makes other people misunderstand. If you don't want to lose bitcoin before the price goes up, you just buy more bitcoin before or after you purchase something with bitcoin. Or sell your house for buying more bitcoin. The real value of bitcoin depends on how many transactions that purchase with bitcoin. If nobody purchases anything with bitcoin, bitcoin will become worthless. Hodling or storing bitcoin never help the community anyway. We have to promote trading bitcoin and purchasing with bitcoin. I recommend purchasing with bitcoin at the store that discount when we paying with bitcoin. That's helping the store, help the community, and help the buyer at the same time. *** Adding Something (Edit) *** Yeah, I agree with someone. We shouldn't use bitcoin in stores where it is more expensive and high fee. We shouldn't support this business model. BUT, But, But Using bitcoin helps adoption which increases the price of bitcoin. We need the benefits of bitcoin just to persuade merchants to accept it by using it. We can receive the benefit from bitcoin right now. Such as I use bitcoin for moving money abroad because it is the cheapest way. I still use bitcoin at stores that discount. Someone use bitcoin at dark markets. Someone use bitcoin to be paid by people who can not pay me cheaper by other ways.