One of the biggest challenges Fintech product and growth marketers face is how cutthroat and expensive customer acquisition is becoming. Most teams exhaustedly try to fix this by tweaking at the top of the funnel. New ads, new channels, more emails, etc. The secret is: the top of the funnel isn't the problem. It's protecting the funnel later in the buying journey. Converting leads from an online quotes or pre-qualification, to a full online application has an average drop rate of of 50%. This is because buying journey for online financial services is long, complex, and often times very confusing for consumers. Most Fintech teams rely on the bandaids like off the shelf marketing automation playbooks or simple re-engagement emails. News Flash: All your competitors are doing the exact same thing. In this webinar, we'll reveal the truth about marketing automation and give you brand new strategies to fix the gaps in your acquisition funnel with Conversational AI. This webinar covers the basics, proven strategies to convert more customers and online applications from automated conversations, and help you decide which Conversational AI solution is right for your business.