I am currently a paying customer of Google Play Music. It has its limitations and concerns:

   - Missing certain artists altogether
   - Missing certain albums from specific artists
   - Quality of the music is not the best
   - Owned by google
I would like to support a music streaming service that:

   - Is ethical - actually pays royalties to artists
   - Has a sound business model and is not being propped up by VC money and bleeding money continuously. I don't want to support the new status quo, which is actually worse than before streaming.
    - Quality of music is at least CD-quality/FLAC.
    - Music catalog meets requirements for a person who listens to a mixture of music, including some more obscure genres and artists.
    - Is not going to disrespect my privacy by using the app as a data mining opportunity, above and beyond what is required to offer the service. I was considering Amazon Unlimited, but I really don't trust Amazon and Alexa at all.
I realise that there are not many services that meet all of these needs. Hell, I still have a lot of CDs/vinyl records at home. I don't want to go down the route of ripping all of them and hosting them on my own cloud (eg NextCloud). That is a lot of overhead. Paying for a streaming service is also paying for convenience at the end of the day.