So basically there is a calculator out there ([]( that you can use to figure out each scopes ADS multiplier. You type in your settings and then play around with the ads multiplier until you match your hipfire 360/cm distance to the intended scope.. So for me.. 800DPI - 1.6 in game - 32.47/cm360 For my 2x that would be a - 2.298 multiplier.. making my 2x scope also 32.47/cm360 So i entered that in game.. and when moving my mouse from the left side to the right side of my pad.(slowly) i get a perfect match, everything works as intended. So we are good right?.. well no.. because in game it just felt bad and i couldn't figure out why. (and it's not just the lower fov). So after playing with it.. i noticed if you "snap/flick" to a target and ads DURING the mouse movement. The game adds a ridiculous amount of mouse accel. Yet if i go "slow" and ads FIRST and then do the exact same mouse movement. All is good.. so idk.. these are my findings.. i already posted a official bug report. Just trying to get some clout on the topic because i was so happy to see these settings put in. Just want to be able to use them =D. Let me know if others are having this issue, and/or can recreate it. Also just as a side note, windows mouse accel is turned off along with using MarC 6/11 windows ratio Adding a video for reference and to show the issue, timestamps are in the description if you want to skip seeing settings/calculations etc.. [\_3Q6INAhs0]( ​ TLDR: Altering ADS SENS MULTIPLIER adds mouse acceleration when adsing while moving mouse.