As many people are aware, this is the channel Twitch official uses to stream popular television series, movies, etc. (with ads) for viewers. Right now, the Pokemon Marathon is continuing from where it left off in December. Now while this is obviously a free service Twitch does not need to provide by any means, the incompetence of the planning around streaming this show (and others before it) is ridiculous. Here are the reasons this has been a totally botched marathon despite hardcore viewership/support: 1. **One Season Per Day**: TwitchPresents is showing 50 episodes per day with no breaks or repeats. Not only does this mean you have one opportunity to see an episode, but often times climax episodes or end-of-season episodes are showing at 4:00am pst or worse for EU. Because of this, most viewers can only see about 10-15 episodes a day reasonably. 2. **Full Repeat But Same Times**: To make up for no built in repeats so EU and NA can experience each episode the same, Twitch decided to show the full week long event twice. The obvious problem with this is that the episodes are showing at the same time so if you missed it the first time its not like you'll be able to see it given a second chance if its STILL on at 4-6am your time. 3. **Dead Air:** TwitchPresents shows ad breaks obviously after each episode, but with this marathon once the ad breaks are over it STILL sits on a blank screen for 3 minutes. Because of this dead air time, the episode times are pushed back way more then they should be, thus propagating the first two issues. If you're gonna have so much dead air before each episode at least do something with it. ​ I love TwitchPresents and think its the best service Twitch provides (getting to watch my favorite media with chat) but the lack of planning that goes into these marathons is mind boggling. There have even been twitch staff that have come into the current stream complaining about the schedule. ​ All-in-All i just wish the service would be better managed and tailored to whats actually being aired. I wouldn't have wrote this if this wasn't the first time this has happened and just hope to see the service improve over the years ​ ​