Hi everyone! I just recently discovered RL and thanks to you guys for lots of reviews so I gained so much knowledge of how to QC the bags and good information about TSs! so after read a ton of reviews I decided to make a purchase of rep first time ever and be very very happy with my purchase. Therefore, I would like to share my experience by reviewing my purses here as well. * **Where did I purchase?** I purchase LV Favorite MM and Chanel Mini Square from TS Apple. (Please note that I also purchase a passport holder as a gift so I do not include in this review)Here is my [PSPs]( is my [LV Favorite MM]( is my [Chanel Square Mini]([Auths LV]([Auths Chanel]( * I paid 500 CNY for Chanel and 600 CNY for LV (Apple originally quoted 490 yuan for LV to match the price as her sister, Nina, but she informed me that even though this is a good quality one , but not the best so I asked her for best quality one which is 600 yuan) and shipping is 200 yuan for EMS. * It took 5 days shipping to Canada. * **Quality: 10/10** for both LV and Chanel!!! I was so impressed with the quality of them. For LV, based on my humble QC knowledge I think it's spot on, the alignment is good and the feeling when I touch the canvas it feels soft and nice plus no stinky factory smell. For Chanel, the bag is pretty stiff but I'm sure it will be soften over use. The leather feels nice and looking shiny! and no stinky factory smell either. The alignment and stitches look good to me as well. Its chain is heavy and make it feels expensive! * **Accuracy: 10/10** for both LV and Chanel. Although I've never touch the authentic ones in real life but I study from the authentic pictures and lots of reviews here in RL, I think they are pretty good! I am confident that I would proudly wear the bags outside for sure. * **Satisfaction: 10/10** I'm so happy with this purchase!! I'm also appreciated that Apple list prices of her bags on her yupoo which make my life wayyyyy easier so I don't have to bother her asking for the prices of all bags I like or have an eye on which is so many!! * **Communication: 10/10** Apple responded my messages so fast! and she is super nice and I kind. I asked her many questions and she did not show that she was annoyed, unlike Nina which I asked her out of my curiosity about her yupoo's album that not listed as 1:1 if it means what in there not having 1:1 quality and she just asked me back if she has to put 1:1 on every albums of hers? I think this isn't very nice since she could just answer it nicely.Apple also shipped out my package very quickly. Overall, I'm so happy with my purchase from Apple. She is now my go-to seller, especially I like that she has prices listed on her website which is super convenient for me to browse for my next bags without bothering the seller. ​