Hello Ladies My first LV reps from TS Apple 🍎 🍏 So long story short, wanted the Lion 🦁 mini pochette like forever, because I’m a Leo 🦁 Hear me Roaaaarrrr (House Targaryen Stan however 😲)....but it was sold out in all 3/4/5 LV boutiques in Singapore. Like why the hell are there sooo many LV boutiques here?? We only have 5.8 million people...I don’t freaking know..... Crazy Rich Asians Singapore🤪...{Cept not me. Hahahaha. I’m not Rich just wannabe Bougie😝} So That leaves me the Reps since it’s all sold out, which is fine. I can save money. Also I got some pinky girly compact Victorine wallet with a floral charm, just to be ironic. Hahahaha....because I’m not girly at all... get it? 🛍Seller: TS Apple Apple Wechat ID: Apple-141014 Apple Yuppo album: 💸👜Price: 500 RMB for mini pochette. (US$74/€66/SGD$100) 👜330 RMB for victorine small wallet (US$49/€43/SGD$67) 📦✈️Shipping IE MSG to Singapore🇸🇬 240RMB part of bigger shipment. 📅👜Timeline: 27 Feb: Enquire prices and order through her taobao store via Superbuy. Pay using Paypal. 28 Feb: 1st PSP 1 Mar: 2nd PSP 5 Mar: Superbuy Shipped it off 10 Mar: Plane landed in Singapore 🇸🇬 after days in limbo in the IE MSG postal system. Super Efficient 🙄🙄 11 Mar: Cleared customs 🙀 12 Mar: Delivered to my home. 📸👜Pictures📸👜 My pics: PSPs: Factory pics: 👜Authentic Lion Mini Pochette: Victorine wallet normal one with no charm: 👜Quality: 8.5/10 It does have that factory smell, the wallet smells like kerosene a bit. I don’t know why maybe it’s the canvas coating. Also the edge paint on the Wallet isn’t that smooth. Kinda dodgy ish but meh it’s fine. The mini pochette is perfect though.... cept for that slight plasticky smell..... 👜Accuracy:8/10 The trunk on the Lion pochette I think the colour should be more red or burgundy. Texture on the Victorine wallet is kinda rough when my mum’s Authentic Emilie wallet is smooth. I think the factory uses the canvas meant for bags for the wallet. The canvas texture on the mini pochette Lion is smooth and so pretty😍Anyways the monogram canvas for both matches my Auth Speedy. So I’m good. They are SLGs so meh no worries... 👜 Seller and Communication: 11/10 I adore Apple. She is a Sweetheart 🥰😘 and a true friend. She quickly exchanged my mini pochette because there was a small blemish on it. She truly tries her best to give the best product she can find. She is sincere, honest and friendly. This is my 3rd time buying from her and I have friends who now wants me to help them order LV and Chanel SLGs from Apple. 👜 Satisfaction 10/10 Anyways I’m kinda happy with the purchases. I didn’t spend a tonne of money and I finally get a mini pochette. To dump my lipstick and handcreams and travel sized perfumes and other little stuff. It’s super useful and my Mum wants to get them for her granddaughters. Lucky little..... 😝🤪She thought the mini pochette is cute for kids. Hahahahaha 😝 I remember in my days, kids having Bonia or Sembonia was a big deal. Singaporeans would know that brand. It was like the Basic B brand.... Hahahaha. I’m also fine with the wallet. My cousin paid ten times the price for the Victorine compact wallet in the LV boutique last December. 😝 So the key cles is next in Damier Ebene Gosh... and also the LV monogram agenda.... The list goes on..... So well that’s the end of my Review. Thanks for reading 😘 “May customs ever be in your favour”