Black Gabrielle Medium 28 cm from TS Apple 🍎 🍏 👜My pics 👜PSP and 👜Factory Pics 👜Authentic: Price: 1080 Yuan Delivery EMS to Singapore: 201 Yuan Apple Wechat ID: Apple-141014 Apple Yuppo album: 👜Timeline: 2 Jan - contacted Apple via Wechat 2 Jan - ordered and paid via Sgshop taobao agent as I can’t pay by Paypal FF. 3 Jan - order canceled as Sgshop has to abide by customs laws and cannot purchase replicas. Meh... 4 Jan - Tried Superbuy taobao agent 6 Jan - Apple received order and payment at her end 7 Jan - PSP 13 Jan - posted by Superbuy 16 Jan - Delivery date 👜Review: I have four authentic Chanels, Jumbo, Reissue, Boy and a hobo chain around me. Was quite skeptical of getting Reps then I stumbled upon this sub and started reading good reviews so I decided to try. I ordered from Apple based on a review done here By u/miss_cheongfun. I thought Apple’s prices are really good, half of what 187 and God Factory are asking for and based on the review, the quality is comparable. 👜Quality: 10/10 I love love love how buttery soft the leather is. It’s like lambskin! I asked Apple what leather is it made out of and she said that it’s cowhide. Authentic Gabrielles are made from aged calf skin. Seriously it’s how a luxury bag should feel. Exquisitely divine and luxe! There’s a sheen to it and it’s just so black. Stitching is tight and neat. Even the interior is just so well done with the ribbed red linen lining. It’s a good bag. A real luxury bag. Honestly I feel that it’s worth much more than what I paid based on quality alone. 👜Accuracy: 9/10 I thought the quilts are a wee bit puffier compared to the Authentic. But honestly it didn’t bother me too much. The quilts are all aligned and so well executed, even the side stitching. The snake head strap is about 99% similar to my authentic Boy strap. You can look at my pictures posted. Hardware is spot on and so is the bottom base. I tried the authentic Gabrielle in Chanel boutique and the weight feels the same on my shoulders. It feels really good. There is no strong chemical smell or glue smell. But there isn’t the distinctive new Chanel leather smell either. The bag did not come with full Chanel packaging as Apple said that shipping would be expensive. It came with the white dustbag though I prefer the black one. I did ask Apple but she said that the factory only provided the white dustbag. Oh well... a non issue... 👜Communication: 10/10 Apple is friendly and responds quickly. She is very reassuring, patient and accommodating. I really like her. A wonderful seller. So glad I chose to buy from her. And her prices? You can’t beat her prices. 👜Satisfaction: 11/10 I am soooo giddy, deliriously happy with my new Gabby! I had thought that because she’s a Rep, I wouldn’t care for her that much. But honestly, I love her already, as much as my Auths! I love her when she first came out of the package! I love wearing her! She is not second tier to me just because she was made in China or because she costs so much less than the Auths. I feel so proud to wear her and rocking it. Like whatevs people... my bag is better than yours! Hah!! Plus a lady at work was eyeing my Gabby while I walked past. Aaaah....I live for that... having ladies looking at my bags..... Anyway I hope this review will help ladies who are looking for an affordable yet beautiful Gabrielle.