Good evening beautiful people! Hope you all had a wonderful Friday. I certainly did because I finally received my Chanel Classic Flap and I was SO EXCITED! I shall begin this post with the disclaimer that I am by no means an expert. I am going by what I have seen from lurking the corners of the internet. This is my second rep purchase in the last month and I was beyond pleased with my first (LV NF MM from OC) so I immediately hopped back in for round two. I wanted a classy bag that I could wear to work. I never switch my purses and I wanted something fairly neutral that I could dress up or down, so I decided on the Chanel Classic Flap. It’s the largest size, so forgive me because I don’t know the proper name. I wish I could say I did proper research before buying the bag... but I didn’t. I was starting from the top of the TS list and making my way through the albums when I saw this. The price was great so I went ahead and ordered it. Price: 1350CNY = roughly $200USD (included DHL shipping) Seller: TS Apple [(Here is her Yupoo album!)]( [These are the photos of the bag from her Yupoo album.]( I know it isn’t the exact size bag, I asked for the bigger size after the fact (this was just the exact color scheme/type of leather I had wanted.) [Here are my pics of the bag.]( I think that this is a BEAUTIFUL bag. The quality is amazing, especially for the price! Very sturdy, the leather is baby smooth and the hardware is nice and shiny. As previously stated, I am no expert. But there are a few small things that stand out to me: 1. Alignment of front flap. Depending on the angle, it can either line up or look mad wonky. 2. The strap twists up so badly and it’s very irritating. I just need to be very careful. 3. The C’s on the inside flap. All of the pics I’ve seen make it appear a little fluffy, but mine is completely flat. Not a big deal, mostly because I don’t think many people are going to be rifling through my bag. 4. That factory smell. Good lord does it smell! BUT I can smell that real leather smell in there. The overlying odor just needs to dissipate first. I think it it’s totally passable. I’ve never held one in real life so you could’ve put this in my hands, said it was authentic and I probably would’ve believed you! I don’t work or hang out with particularly ritzy folk, so any issues y’all may find I’m sure none of my friends would even notice (such as the alignment). So, whatcha think??