I'm looking for a new Android device (currently using an old Samsung Galaxy S5) and I've found that almost all devices (Pixel 3, Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy S9, LG G7) cause me severe eyestrain, dizziness and migraine. I can't find a modern device that's usable for me.

I suspect that some kind of flickering, like temporal dithering, is the root cause. Does anyone know if Android phones are using temporal dithering or some other kind of flicker?

I'm aware of PWM flicker in OLED displays, but that seems to not be my problem, since Galaxy S5 is OLED, and it works great for me. I've been to several doctors (MDs), optometrists, opthamologists and neurologists -- and they've all declared me healthy. Clearly something is different about these newer devices that are causing this issue, since when I return to my Galaxy S5, my symptoms will go away. Certainly, there's something different about me, but modern medicine has no answers. So I am desperately turning to the smart folks of HN.

There's a whole community of people like me at The only "test" I've seen for temporal dithering is to connect to an e-ink display, as shown in this video's "moving dots":

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? I am willing to fund research into this.