UNIVERSAL CLEAN UP - RED OCTOBER UNFOLDING ( Were We Go 1 - We Go All - ) ORIGINAL AWARENESS IS THE "NEW GUARD" Q SHARING THIS MESSAGE D's Playbook for Midterm Elections Explained !!mG7VJxZNCI 28 Sep 2018 - 6:37:24 PM D's Playbook (Midterm E): We will impeach Justice K (ZERO corroborating evidence and ALL factual witnesses provided by accuser ALL DENIED ALLEGATIONS) should we take control in NOV. LIBERAL LEFT LUNACY [BAIT]. These people are EVIL, SICK, & STUPID. You are watching/witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. OLD GUARD - POWER TO THE PEOPLE RED OCTOBER. Q 306 Expect this. We will impeach Justice K… CON sold to voters by the LYING D's. [HERD THE SHEEP] 2/3rd Senate vote required to impeach SCJ. What are the odds of that? Q I Toshiro Adding This Comment THOSE WHO HAS BEEN BEHIND THE BANKING FINANCIAL SYSTEM = = QING ROYAL DYNASTY ( CHINESE DRAGONS ) = THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN ISSUING THE ORDERS TO THE FRONTMEN/WOMAN OF THE DEEP STATE SHADOW GOVERNMENT & = QING ROYAL DYNASTY ( CHINESE DRAGONS ) HAS BEEN SEEN AS THE OLD GUARDS / THE ELDERS / THE DIVINES / THE IMMORTALS ) AND THEIR TIME & ITS CONTROL, LIMITING & INTERFERENCE FINANCIAL BANKING SYSTEM CONTROL MANIPULATION ( MAN - IP - ULAT - ION ) MECHANISM TOOL IS DONE = UNFETTERED ACCESS DO WILL COME WHICH IS A RESULT OF THE FORECLOSER OF THE BANKING FINANCIAL ENERGY HARVESTING TRADING IN COMMERCE MECHANISM THAT BECAME COMPLETLY & FULLY DONE Marc 18th 2013. !!! DO REMEMBER THAT ALL THOSE SCREAMING & SHOUTING PROTESTERS ARE PAYED PROTESTERS ( THINK GEORGE SOROS = ANTIFA ) & MAYBE SOME OTHERS HAS JOINED THE CRAZY GANG ASWELL And NEVER forget those who have really being issuing the orders all along to the frontmen/woman of the DEEP STATE SHADOW GOVERNMENT and their totallity of their false corrupt manipulative construction...think those who have been behind the BANKING FINANCIAL SYSTEM ALL ALONG = QING ROYAL DYNASTY ( CHINESE DRAGONS ) & into all that includes all those banking families ( illuminati bloodlines ) & I have explained it many times over how all this is tied together with CLINTON / OBAMA that has deep connections with the QING ROYAL DYNASTY ( CHINESE DRAGONS ) so now you may get why FEINSTEIN / PELOSI & others ... THE NORWEGIAN DEEP STATE SHADOW GOVERNMENT MASSEMEDIA & THEIR DESPERATE ATTACKS AGAINST YOUNG PEOPLE THROUGH AN ARTICLE THAT IS BASED ON AN INTERVIEW WITH A HISTORICAL TEACHER WHO WORKS AT A SCHOOL HERE IN NORWAY THAT WANTS TO HAVE TEACHERS TO BE EDUCATED INTO AN ABILITY TO DEBUNK WHAT THIS TEACHER CONCIDER TO BE CONSPIRACY "THEORIES" THAT YOUNG SELFTHINKING ASKING PEOPLE, BRINGS TO THEIR CLASSROOMS RED OCTOBER UNFOLDING Bilderberger Conference Meeting AT Sandefjord Rica Park Hotell - Norway 1982 Update 25.09.18 Forecloser Of Bank/Finance Sys =Ending Of The Matrix & Its Spiritual Hierarchy “WHAT IF” Creator Gameplay Update 16.09.18 Q-Team Asked:Should We Lock Them All Up? (Massarrest Coming)-Ending Of Bank/Finance Sys.-Cosmic Reunion Party StatusUpdate 15.09.18 ( Blog update done in my Norwegian Language ) Deep State/Shadow Gov + Bank/FinansSyst Take Down=Avsluttes - Massearrestasjon = Militær domstol Update 19.07.18 Core Of The Matrix=Bank/Finance Syst=Deep St.Shadow Gov. Model=False Society Construct=Collapsing By Design. Update 12.02.18 CleanUp & Clearity On Spiritual Adopted Beliefsystem Confusion-Energy Harvesting-Perceptions-Multiverse & More Update 05.02.18 The Disguised Deptness Of What Energy Harvesting Is-TheTDA’s - The Nesara Gesara BS-The Memo-Heather & Randall