New and innovative ways of gaining loyal customers by running a well planned campaign can add 100's of new customers to your database who are than directly registered with our Customstudio retailers with their own store brand. These new customers can than be easily reached via the app messaging tools via text and notifications for staying in touch via the device they use most their CELLPHONES, We are slowly building one of the best marketing tools and getting our retailers valuable real estate on their customers cell phones that will help create their own store brand and these customers will be thinking about reaching out to them no matter what they need to find or ask about fine jewelry and watches. The biggest innovations are never easy but with forward thinking ideas we together will serve the new generation who is so tuned to using their cell phones for everything. Want to test the app as a retailer go to your app play store(android or apple) download Customstudio enter your info and ENTER CODE: 1001 to register.