Venture Egypt is a series of ads that promote adventure travel in Egypt. I. Dare to Explore II. Dare to Discover III. Dare to Dream IV. Dare to Let Go V. Dare to Live VI. The Final Ad Venture Egypt’s idea was developed and created as an attempt to shatter stereotypes about tourism in Egypt. All foreigners, with no exceptions, are fascinated by our ancient Egyptian history. Whenever any of them finally stands in awe in front of our Great Pyramids of Giza, it’s like their childhood dream has come true. But their history class has created a certain perception of our country; pyramids, temples, desert, or even majestic gods! However, this is their Egypt and only part of ours. This is exactly the reason behind this digital advertising campaign. Egypt is full of different types of tourism; be it historical, religious, medical, or leisure. Our land has so much to offer, but we chose to focus on adventure travel instead as it was the least expected to be found here. So we packed our equipment and delved into the wilderness of Sinai only to bring Venture Egypt to life. Starring: Mostafa El Badawy and Hesham Al Qersh Videographers: Nadine Arab and Omar El-Desouky Under-water shots: Ahmed Zaki Editors: Nadine Arab, Omar El-Desouky, and Nathaly Shoukry Sound & Light: Nathaly Shoukry Producer: Ahmed Zaki Director: Nadine Arab Special thanks to The Egyptian Ministry of Defence, Homadventures, Bassem Sameh, and Amr Omar